AbjCoin Begins in Africa

Africa is getting its own blockchain. AbjCoin is a Nigerian blockchain solution that will bring Africa into the 21st century when it comes to the latest technology,

The AbjCoin involves a one-of-a-kind algorithm, the POW/POS, that resides on the system which itself allows for the purchase of an interest-bearing asset that returns some 15 %. You simply need to buy an AbjCoin. The coin can be mined as well.

AbjCoin is issuing 9 million coins. The coin will be listed on 3 major international exchanges. Additionally,  online and offline stores will accept AbjCoin.

AbjCoin will set up a blockchain institute in Africa. The institute hopes to bring the best heads in the blockchain industry to help students take advantage of the industry and to foster pan African economic and infrastructural development.

AbjCoin holds a lot of promise and will foster trade, ecommerce, banking and educational development. For more info about visit https://www.abjcoin.org.

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