Kim Dotcom Sets Up New Service

Kim Dotcom is introducing Bitcache which allows people to pay for content directly. Most money doesn’t actually go to creators  But there is a better way. The new system is aimed at Youtube f0r now.

Using the new service, you can give money directly to creators. Security isn’t much of an issue because people usually pay small amounts of money for an individual video.

Dotcom wants participation. He is asking interested individuals to join in a “beta partnership” to try the system out and to message him via Twitter if they wish to do so.

Plagiarism is an increasing issue as such systems because usable.  That’s because content is conveniently monetized. However, the idea is that more media makers will connect to their audience.

The plagiarism issue becomes less important if people  decline to care about it. That sounds harsh, but there is so much money available if people would concentrate on generating content instead of restricting it.

Countries  have made  plagiarism more and more of an issue. But the result is that the biggest companies get most of the money. If creators can use Bitcache and ignore the additional monetization, then everybody can do better.

It is a difficult suggestion but one that makes sense if people are interested in getting more for their  products and are less concerned about others getting some of it.

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