Casey Is a Fan of Crypto and Climate Change

Michael J Casey, chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board, thinks ICOs could remedy some of humanity’s big, troublesome issues. He’s especially vocal about ICOs, tokens and … climate change.

In and editorial, he wrote that rules  are embedded into the smart contracts working with crypto. This tells people what to do.

It is featured in plans for a “Climate Coin” where tokens become more valuable as the climate improves. The result, he says, is that tokens can rewrite the way the market works and help people grapple effectively with climate change.

The real problem of course is that there may not be any climate change, not the kind that people can do anything about. Before individuals get all worked up about climate change, they better decide if it is what people say it is, or something less.

There are plenty of scientists who don’t believe in climate change and they ought to be listened to alongside of those who foretell the worst.



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