Community Based Marketing Takes Charge

Large-scale corporate marketing is generally being disrupted by community consensus.  Big companies are gradually dying off as community-based marketing becomes more ubiquitous.

Corporate communities, digital or otherwise, are gradually taking the place of large companies that are struggling with blockchain-related difficulties. These include record-keeping and other repetitive elements gradually being removed by blockchain, which records items only once. A slew of work will be done away with – and staff too.

Corporate communities are natural substitutes for over-large corporations because they are brought together by similar interests.  As big corporations shrink and even fail, groups that spring up to take their place are digital, physical or both.  People don’t trust big business and big finance. But blockchain will give people more control and allow them to be in charge of their own data and actions.

Blockchain’s revolutionary qualities are similar across industries. Blockchain allows people to collect information at one time in one place. And the information, while widely dispersed, can be considerably safeguarded. Over time, the community itself will end up with considerable control as a result of blockchain and SMART contract operations.  The result will be an empowered community that runs contrary to surveillance and overreach.

The local consensus may prevail if the circumstances are appropriate, but the very largest firms will be stripped of judicially granted powers. Meanwhile, the natural evolution of community based marketing along with its disruption will be strengthened by deregulation.

Contracts and the like are privately negotiated and delivered.  If there is a need for further authority, people may vote on the individuals who would participate, or simply be appointed as part of a larger hierarchical structure. Buying and selling will have to be negotiated either by voting or by those charged with making the decisions, as in any normal corporate environment.

Ultimately, the digital or physical community works with other such communities locally and even internationally. When the project is large, the communities join forces. When they don’t need to work together anymore, they go their own way.

These digital or physical communities are for the most part modest-sized. They expand when necessary and then subside. They are the future, one that is gradually being built without much commentary but which will continually increase around the world.

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