Disruption 2.0 – Disrupting the Monopoly Disruptors

There are many disruptions in the world and the amount is gradually increasing as the next stage of the Internet becomes more ubiquitous.

Here at blockcitynews.com we are helping to usher in this next Internet wave in order to combat the bigness and destruction around us.

Disruption 1.0 was generated by companies like Apple and Google that have a monopoly on various areas of technology. Now we begin to have Disruption 2.0, which is disrupting the monopoly disruptors.

The current disruptors have turned into monopolies that are seen as natural outgrowths of capitalism, but they are no such thing.

When a company creates a product and receives patents, that company has a long term grip on technology that no one else can use.

It is this technology that forces growth rates skyward, probably helped in at least some cases by the CIA. Certainly Facebook and Google, to name just two, were given CIA funding.

These larger companies eventually come to dominate their respective enterprises. In the 21st century, this sort of domination is even more apparent than in the past.

Intellectual property rights are a large part of what spawns these gigantic companies. But there are also other factors.

Corporate person-hood, regulation and central banking all play roles in an increasingly fascist environment facilitated by Wall Street.

If things were allowed to take their course naturally, all four elements, above, would  dissipate. Corporate person-hood, regulation, central banking and intellectual property rights constitute a four-part entity of government force that is not otherwise sustainable.

In fact, all four elements are enforced by the judiciary along with the executive and legislative branches.

To say that corporate property rights should be done away with is a big statement. But, in truth, for the most part, intellectual property rights benefit only a tiny group of people. Others derive some occasional benefit but not a lot.

Intellectual property rights only emerged after the founding of the Gutenberg Press which brought printed books to the world. It was actually a way of controlling dissemination of information that elites didn’t want to spread too fast or far.

Corporate person-hood, meanwhile, allows the corporation rather than individuals to be sued. This allows the real malfeasance – lodged in the hearts of men – to continue and expand.

Corporations themselves were not popular until after the Civil War. Thomas Jefferson, in particular, tried to restrain them and gave the power to create them to the states. Back in the 1700s, the largest corporations had their own armies.

Regulations are also promulgated by government force. They are gradually taking over as a main entity of judicial weaponry, outdoing the formality of trials and judicial process generally.

Finally there is central banking, which distorts entire economies, and again is imposed by force.

The largest corporations can take full advantage of central banking to buy when everyone else is selling as the result of a crash – either purposeful of not. Meanwhile, interest rates, low or high, can be turned to the advantage of the largest corporations as well.

Then there are issues involving harmony. This is an especially interesting area. Most music worldwide is placed at 440 hertz because the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953.

But recently, knowledge has become more widespread regarding the destructive affects  of 440 Hertz. This international concert pitch, to which instruments are tuned, may create general unhealthiness and anti-social behavior.

A=432 Hz, (Verdi’s ‘A’) is the mathematically consistent tuning, one that gives off healing energy because it is so-called “natural” tuning. The change from 432 Hz to 440 Hz was supposedly first made in Germany by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.

Many are aware by now that Hitler was at least in part funded by London and New York. Around 1940 the United States adopted 440 Hz worldwide, which then became the ISO 16-standard as well.

iPods or MP3 Players are a large part of the process in the modern day. These destructive frequencies stimulate the brain in the wrong direction, creating disease and war.

The change in pitch is just one part of a hidden battle to tolerate and even encourage war and destruction. It is facilitated by the world’s largest corporations, abetted by central banking, regulation, corporate person-hood and intellectual property rights.

Over the next years, the reality of Internet 2.0 will begin to show itself. The latest wave of gigantic corporations will gradually subside as peer-to-peer transactions inevitably become more mainstream.

The ruling, worldwide elite has gambled that they can control what is happening but chances are they cannot, certainly not fully. Blockchain and cybercurrencies, along with other technology, will gradually eliminate the middle men that are such a large part of elite domination.

The web of little known forces that that affect our mind and behavior will be exposed and changed. This won’t happen all at once and will be powerfully opposed by the forces of bigness and calculated destruction.

But people may not put up with what has been going on for much longer. As people become more aware of these controlling forces, they will cease to be controlled because they have other options.

As stated above, I am part of this process and will help encourage alternative ways of building society. This is not to say I oppose bigness, only the artificial kind that leads to so much destruction.


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