Disruption Gives Rise to Tribes and Tales

The Menehune and Moriori are making a comeback. The Menehune comeback is a historical one while Moriori comeback is physical.

Both tribes are disruptors. That is they have a presence that is distinctly different than what is commonplace today and they disrupt normal ways of thinking about the past.

This is the same kind of disruption that is taking place on a larger level thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This kind of fintech gradually cuts out middlemen and gives rise to different sorts of sociopolitical environments.

We can already see changes starting to take place. Some of these changes are forward looking and some harken backwards to previous times when culture was less homogenous and peoples were more individuated.

The Menehune first.

This is widely held to be a race of little people that were the first inhabitants of Hawaii. They are miniature in stature and tended to work at night. Additionally they were said to have magical powers and could erect whole buildings in a single night.

Ironically there is a new movement focusing on ancient megalithic cultures that has similarities to the Menehune.

The megalithic (giant stone) cultures of Peru, China, Europe and Russia were said to have come out of the ancient past, maybe Atlantis. These people were survivors who then spread out over the world and taught ancient (advanced) ways to more primitive peoples.

Some of the races of the time were very small (dwarves) and some were very large (giants). The Smithsonian is said to have collected more than a million artifacts from these ancient periods that it will never show nor even reveal because of their controversial nature.

It certainly can be speculated that a race of dwarves, Menehune, found their way to Hawaii at some point. In Europe there are numerous underground megalithic structures that are built to accommodate small people – dwarves – and these peoples did indeed work underground.

Now the Moriori.

The Moriori are a sadder case because the entire full-blooded population of the New Zealand Moriori tribe was wiped out because they wouldn’t deviate from non-violent principles.

Today however this tribe is rebounding as perhaps 2.000 mixed blood Moriori are making a comeback on several islands including New Zealand itself.

Two Tribes

These two tribes, one legendary and one modern flesh-and-blood are examples of the kind of disruption that will take place more and more over time.

Ancient history will be unearthed and tribes will rise anew. The corporatist elements of modern society increasingly find themselves embattled as people wake up to different histories and cultural innovations.

Gradually the battle is being joined in earnest and tomorrow will look much different that today.

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