Dubai Collecting More and More Information About You

The government of Dubai and ObjectTech are creating digital passports for busy Dubai International Airport.

ObjectTech will deal with Dubai’s Immigration and Visas Department to provide biometric verification using blockchain. The end result will be the “world’s first ‘gate-less border’” – without paper passports.

This doesn’t mean your information won’t be available. It will offered up through blockchain copied via numerous different nodes. This is how you will be tracked electronically rather than via  paper.

Dubai has plans to use blockchain for numerous information services. But Dubai is a run by a royal family and the idea that it has access at any time to some of your most intimate data is at least unnerving.

The program is moving ahead, and doubtless most people won’t complain about it, but over time Dubai will collect a good deal of information about you. Meanwhile you will have little or no information about the royal family.


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