Is Dubai Making Things Worse?

Dubai is on its way to being the first blockchain-powered government by 2020.

The nation has done a lot to start down this path. Recently Dubai  signed up with U.K.-based ObjectTech to build digital passports. Additionally, UAE retail banking giant Emirates NBD works against check fraud and to add to security.

The government is allowing citywide blockchain payments. Dubai is on the way to being a true blockchain city.

Of course, many if not most of the improvements stated herein work to the advantage of the Dubai government.

One of the hopes regarding blockchain and certainly cybercurrencies, is that they won’t just make existing practices more efficient, but that they will fundamentally change the way things are done and make systems less invasive and freer.

Right now much of what Dubai and other countries are doing makes what is already obnoxious more intolerable. Passports have only been around in quantity for about 100 years but now Dubai will make them digital so that they can keep you permanently on file in a more efficient way.

Most everything Dubai is doing is making the collection of information more intense. That is a far cry from using the Internet to encourage freedom.

Freedom will have to come outside of established states. Perhaps with island states and other kinds of non traditional living dedicated to less rather than more officialdom.

Just because Dubai is applying blockchain to passports doesn’t fundamentally change the bureaucracy and in the long run may make it worse.

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