Morpheus Arrested in Arizona

Anarchist Morpheus has been arrested by a multi-agency task force in Arizona.

A brief reading of Morpheus’s previous crimes indicated that he might not even have been arrested in a different state.

He has been arrested for various marijuana “felonies” and also arrested on gun charges.

The founding fathers may have smoked marijuana and certainly used guns. Morpheus’s troubles seem to come from trying to do the same thing in the 21st century in the wrong state.

Additionally Morpheus’s current criminal behavior may involve trading bitcoin. But he seems to have been a good bitcoin trader and has made money for clients.

Some of these clients have left positive comments on his website.

“Awesome to work with!” one of his customers wrote in a review.

Another wrote: “MorpheusTitania is a great trader! He went above and beyond on my last trade. There was a mix-up and he waited for over an hour before we could meet. You can trade with confidence …

Morpheus’s real name is Thomas Mario Costanzo.

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