Now People May Be Able to Sell Tiny Percentages of Assets

Soon people may be able to sell parts of assets instead of the whole thing. This could be done with special tokens that allow individuals  to monetize fractions of assets, from houses to cars to paintings to decorative vases and more.

Almost anything you can think of can be monetized and even traded on a token market. This enables asset owners to more effectively leverage the value of previously illiquid holdings.

​LAToken is the platform that does this. It tokenizes assets and makes them tradable.  An investor needs LATokens to buy asset tokens created on the platform and pay fees for the creation of asset token and transactions.

The platform is based on an existing home equity marketplace, founded by the CEO of LAToken, that has facilitated 12,000 mortgage offers and more

Asset owners can quickly get cash by issuing LATokens and selling fractional shares via the LAT marketplace, while keeping the actual asset for their use instead of borrowing money and paying interest or renting.

Will it work? It is certainly an interesting idea. Tokens can be bought starting on August 22.

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