The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Cryptocoinsnews has published an article on whether we are in the throes of an industrial revolution

Mark Carney said, “When Horace Jones was re-imagining Old Billingsgate Market, Britain was in the throes of its Second Industrial Revolution – a time of mass innovation that changed the way people lived, worked and interacted.”

Robots are here, for instance. Microsoft, for example, has showcased an IoT robot with “human like” abilities.

Meanwhile, real sense cameras  “create a high level of computer intelligence about the environment and objects within it, making [it] capable of autonomous behavior.”

Machines are replacing humans not only in the front office but in the back office as well.

Smart Money will mobilise the power of data to significantly improve decisions concerning policy-making for the control of money supply for the public good, including the development of new Fintech services in the UK’s Digital Economy.

This, is not easy to do. But Maker DAO, and others are working on it. It won’t happen soon but it will take place along with much else.

And  it will happen faster than we may believe.

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