Uruguay to Track Its Wine Like Beef

Decanter magazine tells us  “Sommeliers worldwide should be paying attention, because the program [involved in the tracking of beef] is currently being expanded to the country’s 300-or-so wine properties and 3,500 growers.”

Beef in Uruguay is tracked via the chipping of cows and Uruguay is the only country that has such a pervasive program. Now the program is moving to wines.

Currently less than 5% of its bottles are exported, and Uruguay hopes that the tracking of bottles will help with exports. Uruguay’s main wine regions – estates like Garzon – have made a smoother tasting version of Tannat that should appeal to international markets.

The country plans to have 100% traceability in place by next year. It will offer drinkers information on every aspect of the wine’s manufacture, including the bottling and the farm it comes from.

This sort of labeling is controversial in some quarters but Uruguay’s national association of vinyards is behind the move and the program is moving ahead rapidly.

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