Walking Is Key

Americans want to walk locally if they can. 56 percent of millennials and 46 percent of baby boomers are looking to live in neighborhoods where walking is preferable to driving.

Millennials are not big fans of auto-oriented, housing. They are happier with increased diversity. Yet there are not enough villages like this. The problem once again is government and rules and regulations that limit the type of product available.

Older low-rise buildings with retail on the ground floor and housing on top are preferable, and interestingly this sort of habitat was popular before cars and builder changed the complexity of housing.

Fewer people want to live in suburbs these days. Baby boomers and millenials prefer to live in mixed use environements. Some developers believe the government needs to become involved.

But mostly government needs to reform regulations already on the books. This has to happen if people are going to live in the kinds of environments they seek.

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